WorkingK Trading G.m.b.H
WorkingK would like to be your true business partner wherever you are doing the business in Europe offering the excellent support and cooperation with local strategic partners.
WorkingK is located in Austria where is the center of Europe, played an important role as connection bridge between Western and Eastern European countries.
We think as long as we can. We act as short as we can.
WorkingK is always looking for business partners worldwide especially for the European and South Korean markets.
  • Company Name: Han WorkingK KG
  • Establishment: November 2012 (Vienna, Austria)
  • Trading Business 
  • Business Matching Services
  • EU Certification Support Services
Republic of Austria is closed to several countries such as German, Swiss, Italy, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia. Austria is regarded as the central country which is a connection gate between Western Europe and Eastern Europe in terms of Economy and Culture.
WorkingK is located in Austria, the center of Europe and doing business with neighbor countries in the field of Machinery, Steel, Information & Technology, Military, Consumables, EU Certification, Food, etc. 
The company has been played an important role as a connection tunnel between Europe and Korea for various range of goods and services so far.
WorkingK is always finding out open-minded business partners to be our true business partner.
The company is trading goods and services among European countries and Korea. The trading categories are specified into IT, Electronic, Medical, Consumables, Food, etc. 
  • Medical Products
  • IT & Electronic Products
  • Machinery
  • Consumables
  • Beauty Products
  • Foods
WorkingK is providing "Business Development Service" including market research, marketing material production, research on potential buyers, one-on-one meeting with buyers, export agency, exhibition participation, sales representative office, localization of products and technologies for European and Korean customers.
The company is providing "EU Certification support services" throughout the separate service website"", which is one-stop service portal for most of EU Certifications needed for sales on EU. And the company is also playing a role as"EU Authorized Representatives" for Korean companies.
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